Ferrer4Future launches its open innovation challenge to drive digital solutions for ALS

Barcelona, 21 de junio. - We gladly announce the launch of an international open innovation challenge aimed at identifying start-ups with innovative digital and technological solutions for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The initiative takes place within the 5th edition of the Ferrer4Future program, aimed to address unmet clinical needs throughout the ALS patient care, including people who live with ALS, physicians, caregivers, hospitals and more.

Starting from June 21st and up until August 21st, interested companies can apply to the programme on the Ferrer4Future.com website with their digital solutions responding to the challenge set: Easing the burden of ALS.

According to Gemma Estrada, Head of Digital Health at Ferrer, “Ferrer embraces a collaborative approach to establish projects that will bring value for patients and the healthcare system. This vision is aligned with our dual aim of building a healthier society through digital technologies and contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems.”

About the challenge “Easing the burden of ALS”

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, leading to the loss of muscle control and eventual mortality. The lack of effective treatments for ALS intensifies the challenges faced by patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers in managing the disease.

In light of this, we are looking for projects that offer novel solutions in various areas related to ALS care. Among these areas, we consider remote monitoring; technologies that potentially enable remote monitoring of ALS patients' symptoms and disease progression, facilitating personalized care. This could include wearable devices allowing patients to track relevant activities and adequately share data with their healthcare providers.

Secondly, we are accepting digital and tech solutions that enhance the adherence and effectiveness of ALS treatments, such as digital therapeutics (DTx) or patient support tools. These tools are aimed to provide support and guidance to caregivers and family members who may struggle with the emotional and physical challenges of caring for an ALS patient. 

And lastly, the care pathway: digital and tech solutions that enhance the patient experience throughout the care pathway, from diagnosis to end-of-life care; including patient education tools that enhance understanding of the disease and its management.

Participating candidates must have a solution that has been validated in the market. Participation is open to innovative solutions from all corners of the globe, encouraging companies to submit their proposals to the challenge.

To learn more about the challenge and how to submit a proposal, please visit ferrer4future.com.

About Ferrer4Future

The aim of the F4F programme is the co-development of technology-based healthcare solutions between companies and Ferrer. The collaboration starts with a careful selection of the proposed solutions to the challenge.  Selected projects participate in the Ferrer4Future programme, which includes the possibility of piloting the solution in a real use case and of exploring commercial alliances and collaborations with Ferrer.

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