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More than 500 people from Ferrer participate in positive impact activities in nine countries on the Days for Good

October 7th, 2022 - More than 500 people from Ferrer have taken part this year in the second edition of the 'Days for Good', the corporate volunteering days promoted by the company to engage everyone with its purpose of making a positive impact in society. On October 5th and 6th, Ferrer’s team participated in 48 activities organized across Spain, Portugal, Austria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile and the United States.

All the activities were aimed at promoting equal opportunities through employability, access to health, food and education, with Ferrer focussing this year’s 'Days for Good' on its strategic pillar of Social Justice. The company’s aim is to contribute to a fairer and more equitable society, supporting people in vulnerable situations.

“We are a positive impact company and the people who work at Ferrer are the main activists for our purpose of making a positive impact in society. As such, the 'Days for Good' are an opportunity to involve the entire team in our social and environmental activism as a company, a culture that goes far beyond these two days and permeates our daily activity and every decision we make,” explained Bea Vila, Ferrer’s Chief People & Sustainability Officer.

Together with Social Justice, Ferrer’s positive impact corporate strategy includes the pillars of Great People, aimed at promoting a culture focused on people and talent, based on trust and responsibility, and Liveable Planet, through which the company promotes environmental protection. As a result, the company allocated 61.4% of its net profits in 2021 to social and environmental causes in line with its purpose of making a positive impact in society.

From orchards and soup kitchens to the construction of classrooms

The activities organized by Ferrer for this year's 'Days for Good' include direct actions in different areas across nine countries. In the area of employability, the company organized visits to its facilities and training programs together with the Fundació Èxit in Spain. Likewise, it worked with entities for labor reinsertion of people in vulnerable situations in Costa Rica and Austria and helped with the construction of a high school classroom in Mexico.

The actions dedicated to food included harvesting the crops in kitchen gardens of the Ferrer Sustainability Foundation in Barcelona and Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona province) and the preparation of menus for soup kitchens, as well as the distribution of food to homeless people in Portugal. In the field of health, Ferrer organized activities to support children with chronic or advanced illnesses in Mexico.

For education, Ferrer was involved in the rennovation of the Col·legi de la Santíssima Trinitat and the Escola Bon Pastor in Barcelona, the rehabilitation of the residence of a foundation dedicated to caring for vulnerable children in Chile and the educational development of young children in STEM careers in California.

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