Social Action

We do not conceive a world where we turn our backs on what is happening around us

We do not conceive a world where we turn our backs on what is happening around us

Ferrer's commitment with society responds to an orientation of our activities towards people. In the same way, at Ferrer we want to continue to promote patronage and volunteering, questions that have always been part of our essence, strengthening our social commitment and contributing through different initiatives to the creation of a better society.


An example of this is the corporate volunteer days, where Ferrer's employees devote their time to carrying out actions of social transformation.

Rehabilitation of the Ramon Berenguer III school, in Trinitat Vella district, Barcelona


Dunes recovery of the Parc Natural del Mongrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter (Girona)

acción social

Ferrer's workers installed natural traps in the dunes of the beach in the Platera area, inside the marked surface. These new installations will help regenerate the dune system in the bay of Estartit and Pals. These are wooden fences nailed to the ground, half a meter high and between five and ten meters long. This solution helps wind to accumulate sand and sediment behind the fences and, in this way, a small dune begins to be generated.

The project aims to preserve a protected habitat of endangered species, such as the kentish plover, which is recovering its population in the Empordà area thanks to the conservation of the dunes.


Manufacture of toys and furniture for three schools in the province of Alicante

acción social

For two half days, 440 Ferrer workers spent their time  building and assembling cabinets, shelves, desks, bicycles, multiskis, jars, mikados and twisters, with the aim of making more than 300 children  of two schools of Alicante and of the Center of Attention to Youth l'Omet, of Elche happy. .

Ferrer's employees went next day to each of the centers to deliver the furniture and toys made, where students were waiting for them to receive the donation. Different representatives of the educational institutions were present to thank the gesture. According to them, this type of action is always good for the centers, as they are happy to receive contributions like this, which help a lot to improve the services they offer.