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Our in-house talent represents our main competitive advantage


More than 2,000 Ferrer collaborators work on a daily basis to build a company that actually believes in people and in the development of their potential. 

Our teams are made up of eager, demanding, committed, authentic individuals with no shortage of drive and nonconformism. 

We make sure we provide a dynamic atmosphere, and it is the collaborators themselves that guide their own professional careers, the ones who decide growing with us and the ones that make our results possible.

We offer an environment of ongoing learning, which means we love thinking out of the box and trying new things, without fear of making mistakes. And of course, always taking risks!

If you would like to form part of this team, get on board with change. 

Your path starts here and now. Would you like to walk it with us?

Would you like to work at Ferrer?

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What are the benefits of working at Ferrer?


Collaborators working split shifts may receive meal aid in the form of Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers. This subsidy is tax-exempt.


All Ferrer employees are given a life and disability insurance policy whose cover starts on joining and that features the following characteristics:

  • Death or disability due to illness: 1 year’s salary

  • Death or disability due to an accident: 2 years’ salary

  • Death or disability due to a traffic accident: 3 years’ salary


All employees who must travel to perform their work have a special travel policy that covers any contingency that may occur during a business trip, from loss of luggage, theft, an accident or a natural disaster.


You may access the Ferrer Store for employee purchases through our Intranet. In it, employees may present Ferrer products purchased at pharmacies and the company will reimburse 50% of their RRP (applicable for non-prescription products only).


As part of our commitment towards the well-being of our employees, we offer financial aid for parents of children with a recognised disability of more than 33%.


Christmas hamper

All Ferrer employees receive a Christmas hamper.

Gift for births

A basket is gifted for newly-born children of employees.


We at Ferrer believe in the value of acknowledging both employees’ contributions and commitment. To this end, we have a number of programmes in place with this objective in mind:

  • Connection awards

  • Sustainability awards

  • Idea Day


We at Ferrer trust our people, we believe in self-responsibility and we are committed to every aspect that might make life easier for them, like flexible working hours. Because of this, we have introduced flexible start and finish times. Each individual is able to organise their own timetable taking into account their jobs and the needs of their departments.

  • Smart Work: It entails working away from the work centre once a week, provided their jobs and the needs of their departments allow for it. 

  • Smart WorkPlus: Provided their jobs and the needs of their departments allow for it, parents of children under the age of 3 may work remotely 50% of the time.