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Programme for students and recent graduates

find your spark

Want to find your spark?

Have you just graduated, or are you finishing your studies? Would you like to develop your career while creating a positive impact in society? If so, Ferrer is the place for you.  

We’re looking for people who are determined, driven and willing to assume great responsibility from the outset, with a commitment to making a positive impact in society.  

At Ferrer, we’re committed to talent and we'd like your talent to join us in this fight.  

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You'll be given the opportunity to develop in a multinational and cross-functional environment, where you'll learn with and be part of an excellent team of professionals. Moreover, your interaction will not be limited to your department, you’ll also come into contact with different areas and countries which will not only allow you to gain a much broader vision, but also to increase your own visibility.   

To ease your transition into the world of work, and in line with our Great People strategic pillar through which we foster a people-focused culture, based on trust and responsibility, in which talent thrives ; we have designed a programme we call “Find your spark”.   

The aim of this initiative is to maximise your internship experience to help you grow both personally and professionally, at the same time as you discover what your "spark" is, what it is that motivates you and where you want to develop your professional career.  

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Find Your Spark is a programme full of activities, events, meetings and challenges, in a very "sparky" atmosphere. An ecosystem that overflows with enthusiasm, creativity and initiative and helps to create a society with great professionals and better people.   

Based on four pillars, Onboarding, Get to Know, Spark Challenge and Ferrer Alumni, it will offer you the opportunity to: 

  • Train and develop in your area of interest in order to gain knowledge and experience at an international company. 

  • Interact and connect with other trainees from other areas, centres and departments of the Find Your Spark programme. 

  • Take part in cross-disciplinary projects. 

  • Maintain close ties with Ferrer, during and after the internship, through the Ferrer Alumni community. 


What we want is that by the time you finish your internship, your employability and knowledge will have grown exponentially compared to day 1. With Find Your Spark, you’ll grow with us, and we’ll prepare you to embark on a successful professional career, whether at Ferrer or another company.  

One thing's for sure, no matter what the future holds in store for you, we want you to start out on your journey with us, we want you to experience our mission and we want you to bring out the activist there is inside you. And above all, we want to make sure you never fail to nip in to say hello! 

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