Why Ferrer?

Activism has no limits



If you join Ferrer, you’ll make a positive impact...

Impacto positivo en sociedad

...in society

If purpose is what drives you, if you believe it’s possible to advance each day towards a fairer and more equitable society, if you dare to transform the world through your work... at Ferrer you can be an active part of the solution.
We want to promote a new way of doing business and of being in the world. Every decision we make, every step we take, is in line with our aim to have a positive impact in society. That’s why we’re the first B Corp pharmaceutical company in Spain.

Our business is not an end in itself, but rather a means to create substantial social change. We work to achieve a minimum level of economic profitability that guarantees the company’s sustainability, consequently reinvesting a significant part of our profits in initiatives with an impact in society and the environment, and on our people.

Vas a generar un impacto positivo en tu equipo

... on the team

If you appreciate collaboration and need to be part of a passionate team, and if you get excited about the idea of taking on challenging, inspiring and cross-disciplinary challenges, then Ferrer is the place for you. We build a culture that fosters trust and accountability, in which each person is able to make the best decisions and assume commitments, while empowering you to mobilise your teammates towards activism. Proof of this is the Great Place to Work certification, which we earned in 2021 and which certifies that we are the best possible place to work, thanks to our people.

Vas a generar un impacto positivo en ti mismx

... on yourself

If you’re always looking for opportunities to become the best version of yourself, and if you believe that, through your development, you can make an even better contribution to the people around you, at Ferrer you'll have the opportunity to grow. We create the right atmosphere so that everyone can develop both personally and professionally, flexibly and continuously, based on confidence, empowerment and autonomy, so that you can use these abilities to object to social injustices.



Would you like to learn more about the benefits of working at Ferrer?


By working at Ferrer, you can enjoy a meal allowance, in the form of Meal Vouchers. This subsidy is exempt from taxation.

Day-care voucher

As flexible remuneration, the day-care voucher is aimed at the youngest ones in your family. Select this benefit to cover the day-care expenses for your children aged between 0 and 3 years, and to benefit from a tax break.

Transport Ticket

The Transport Ticket makes it easier for you to travel to work on public transport, while obtaining tax advantages, given that the amount you decide to spend on transport tickets using this solution is exempt from personal income tax.


As flexible remuneration, you’ll be able to train while benefiting from a 100% tax exemption on the cost of any course you want to take that is related to your job or the development of your professional career.


Via our collaborative platform, you will be able to benefit from special conditions and discounts in more than 3000 sports centres spread throughout the country.

Breastfeeding and Wellness Room

The central offices are designed for your well-being. There we have a breastfeeding room so that you can enjoy privacy, as well as a Wellness Room, designed for activities such as yoga and pilates.

Support programme

In order to provide the greatest possible emotional well-being, this programme provides you with access to free psychological assistance and individualised coaching sessions, and you'll be able to obtain legal and financial guidance.

Financial benefits

As a Ferrer employee, you'll have access to financial products under advantageous conditions at different banks.

Schedule flexibility

At Ferrer, it’s not where you work, but how you work, that matters. Insofar as your role at Ferrer allows it, we believe in flexibility as the best tool for you to maximise your capabilities.


Every year in December, you'll receive a basket of products in collaboration with an organisation that employs people with functional diversity. The company will also have a small gift for you when your children are born.


Through our Club, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits, including over 300 offers, discounts and special promotions on your favourite brands.


You can pay for Ferrer products that you purchase at the pharmacy, and the company will refund 50% of their retail price (only applicable to products that do not require a prescription).

Health Insurance

As flexible remuneration, you'll have the option of selecting any of the types of private health insurance policies offered by Adeslas for you and your family (spouse or common-law partner and children), consequently making the most of the economic and tax advantages of this benefit.


All the people at Ferrer who need to travel for work, have a special travel policy that covers any contingency that may occur during the work trip, from loss of luggage, a theft, an accident to a natural disaster.


As soon as you join the company, you'll have a life and disability policy that, as from that moment, covers disability due to illness, accident and traffic accident.

Children with special needs

As part of our commitment to the well-being of our employees, we offer financial assistance to parents who have a child with a recognised disability of more than 33%.

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