World stroke Day

World Stroke Day - "Another one?" campaign

With the aim of generating a positive impact in society, Ferrer works to raise awareness about preventing some of the diseases we treat. As such, on World Stroke Day, which is celebrated every October 29th, we have launched the “Another one?" campaign.

The initiative aims to educate the population about some of the possible risk factors that can increase the chances of having a stroke. Specifically, it focuses on the five most important ones, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, living a stressful life, having a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. Through five animated videos, it is a call to action to show how small, easy-to-implement gestures in our lives, can help reduce these risks.

According to Elisabet Torrademé, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager and responsible for this campaign, “taking small actions in our day-to-day life can really help prevent the onset of diseases and improve people's style and quality of life. Working on this type of campaigns makes me feel that I am really helping to generate a positive impact in society. Stroke is a disease that, worldwide, affects one in four people, so knowing and preventing risk factors is tremendously important ”.

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