Ferrer’s new headquarters in Barcelona

Ferrer’s new headquarters in Barcelona

Would it be possible? To design spaces that really put the focus on people and sustainability. Over recent months, at Ferrer we have imagined what our new headquarters would be like.

Today we are using them for the first time. We have created spaces that respond to specific needs; spaces that promote flexibility, collaboration, innovation and creativity. At Ferrer we are committed to new ways of working and with greater flexibility for people to choose where they want to work from. Because we have learnt that out presence at work is not essential.

Our new offices are designed with comfort and wellbeing in mind, following the WELL certification criteria and promoting a biophilic environment. Among other aspects, natural light has been used to the maximum, optimal levels of soundproofing have been guaranteed and spaces have been created that promote physical, mental and emotional well-being, such as the Wellness Room or the Quiet Room.

In addition, we have followed environmental sustainability criteria, in line with LEED certification, in all phases of the project. Our air conditioning system is a key aspect of the renovation. Not only does it improve temperature control and selection, but it also incorporates two air handling units with filtration and humidification systems to renew the office environment with 100% fresh air, ensuring that it does not exceeds a maximum level of CO2 and controlling the relative humidity inside. It also incorporates ultraviolet (UV) light systems to ensure the sterilization of the circulating air.

We are committed to sustainable transport, with storage for bicycles and scooters on all floors. Most office materials have been manufactured with their composition and lifecycle in mind. So we can guarantee that they do not contain ingredients harmful to health or the environment and, in turn, promote the circular economy.

With these new ways of working, we have enhanced the spaces where we can interact and collaborate with colleagues. We have innovation rooms, where you can co-create in a tiered space with interactive screens; an agora, the social heart of the offices, a place to meet together and hold corporate events; and a canteen where we can have breakfast and lunch with our colleagues or even have informal meetings.

Following a hybrid, flexible model of work, we have meeting rooms of different sizes and capacities, all technologically prepared to hold meetings with both face-to-face and remote attendees. Plus, our new headquarters have a multitude of spaces for different types of work.

Spaces which are truly for good, and which will allow us to continue making a positive impact in society.

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