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Ferrer launches third edition of Ferrer 4 Future program

In order to reaffirm our continued commitment to digital health, we have just launched the third edition of our innovation program Ferrer 4 Future (F4F). The open innovation program aims to empower entrepreneurs and digital health businesses, to develop disruptive health solutions – using digital technology. Participating start-ups can propose digital healthcare solutions, using new technologies, against the latest challenges set by Ferrer.

“Through this innovative program, we embrace the collaborative path to promote future projects with value, for patients and stakeholders alike within the healthcare system,” said Tatjana Naranda, Ferrer’s Chief R&D Officer. “We believe in the key role that digital health plays in the present and will play in the future when it comes to building a more efficient healthcare system - one that is accessible to all sectors of the population.”

The challenges require patient-centric solutions which facilitate the daily activity of healthcare professionals and neurologists who are supporting patients with neurological disorders, whilst in primary healthcare settings, as they care for people with mild cognitive impairment. The solutions should also provide the healthcare professionals with precise follow-up tools and features.

“The collaboration, partnership and company vision align with the dual purpose of Ferrer's digital health department; to build a healthier society through digital technologies and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems”, added Gemma Estrada, Head of Digital Health in Ferrer.

Find out more at ferrer4future.com


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