Business Development

Long-term strategic relationships

We at Ferrer aim to establish long-term relationships with biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are active in the therapeutic areas we consider strategic. Ferrer prioritises opportunities that are beneficial for both parties by actively contributing towards achieving its partner’s goals through fair and efficient alliances.

Thanks to our commercial and R&D capabilities, we are a valuable partner in each of the stages: development, manufacturing, regulatory issues, market access, distribution, marketing and commercialisation. 



Ferrer’s philosophy is based on establishing long-term relationships. 


We offer our partners a real commitment towards their products, treating them as though they were our own.

Our flexible, vertically-integrated organisation allows us to be truly efficient in terms of analysing opportunities for collaboration and gently accelerating the decision-making process.


Identifying opportunities both in terms of licensing and strategic alliances, be this in the public or private sphere.

Reinforcing the portfolio of products in our main therapeutic areas and our R&D portfolio to include innovative products in the different stages of development.

Supporting and favouring the company’s internationalisation strategy.


Ferrer: An experienced partner


In Ferrer we have extensive experience in establishing and consolidating strategic alliances with public institutions, emerging biotechnology companies, local medium-sized companies and large multinationals. This factor, together with a very experienced marketing and sales organization, positions Ferrer competitively compared to other companies.

Innovation, investment in the development of our products and an active, creative promotion all come as a guarantee of commercial success for our products. Our collaborations with cutting-edge academic institutions and up-and-coming companies dedicated to state-of-the-art research allow us to accelerate the process of developing projects until such a time as the product reaches the marketplace.

  • Pulmonary vascular and interstitial lung diseases
  • Neurological disorders
Other Therapeutic Areas
  • Cardiometabolism
  • Psychiatry
  • Pain
  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology

What we offer our clients

Ferrer's philosophy is based on establishing long-term strategic relationships.

Credibility, flexibility, creativity, speed
Credibility, creativity and corporate commitment in each project
Specific knowledge of each market
Overarching strategic vision and knowledge of all markets
A solid international network
A solid and reliable international network
Ample experience in licensing
Extensive experience in licensing and long-term collaborations


Our products’ global reach 


Our purpose is that of streamlining patient access to our products, thus maximising their commercial worth. To this end, we at Ferrer seek to establish partnerships with relevant partners in countries where the company does not operate directly. Nowadays, Ferrer products are sold in a more than hundred countries throughout the world.



countries where Ferrer's products are commercialized

We also seek long-term partners for our internal R&D projects portfolio by means of development and licensing agreements that accelerate market entry and commercialisation of our products in the world’s territories, such as North America, Asia and emerging market countries.

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