First Family & Friends Day
Great People

We celebrate our first Family & Friends Day

We want to continue building the best place to work. This is why, on Saturday 11th June, Ferrer celebrated its first Family & Friends Day at our Headquarters in Barcelona and our Sant Cugat centers. For an entire morning, nearly 1,000 Ferrer staff, family and friends came together to celebrate our culture, our purpose and our activism. The attendees were able to experience Ferrer for good through numerous activities inspired by our strategic pillars and business focus.

“It has been very exciting to be able to get together for this fun day. We also want to share our purpose of making a positive impact in society with those we love the most,” says Mònica Fiori, head of Health & Safety and coordinator of the event.

We shared our leadership model based on trust and responsibility through a group of Castellers, who invited whoever wanted to learn how to climb a human tower; we listened to delightful stories about diversity with our tales of respect; and we discovered the exciting world of science with a show by the team of YouTuber and popular scientist Dani Jiménez and by making slime. We also turned ourselves into Phantasticals, fantasy creatures that represent our therapeutic focus, with a face painting activity. And we responded to the challenges of building a fairer society, focussed on people and guaranteeing a liveable planet, by building our own city for good.

In addition, in the Sant Cugat centers, the attendees were able to take a tour of the chemical plant or the production area, laboratories or warehouse in the pharma plant.

The Fundació Ferrer Sustainability also had an important presence with an activity where you could create your own mini-garden and take it home or decorate some delicious cupcakes designed to reduce food waste, made with whole bananas, including the skin. For this last activity, in addition, a complete recipe book was prepared to make the most of the food.

For its part, the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation offered 4 hours of live music by groups made up of its scholarship students.

The atmosphere was festive and people appreciated the initiative. “I loved the experience, firstly because I've been able to see where my mum works, meet her colleagues and visit the production area, and secondly because there were a lot of activities, especially for children, and a very fun atmosphere. We've had a great time!” said Claudia Pedrero, 20, who attended in Sant Cugat.

These are just some of the many activities of our first Family & Friends: a meeting where, above all, fun was the priority.

The aim of this initiative is to create more cohesive teams, show pride in our strategy for good and spread our activism beyond the borders of Ferrer. It is the people who make Ferrer such a great place to work.

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