Days for Good Ferrer

More than 1,200 Ferrer volunteers unite in a global commitment to social justice for our Days for Good

October 9, 2023 – The Days for Good returned to Ferrer for the third consecutive year and have now become a staple event in our calendar. From October 2nd to 5th, our team around the world joined together in more than 70 activities to put their commitment to social justice into action and make a positive impact in the communities in which they operate. 

This year, the activities were expanded to encompass not only the Social Justice pillar, but also the strategic pillars of Great People and Liveable Planet. 

One of the new highlights this year was the decentralization of the event, with a focus on Ferrer's various centers and subsidiaries. At the Sant Cugat production centers, the "Corner for Good" was created, an initiative designed to offer a variety of short workshops and increase accessibility for those with less flexible schedules. The activities, ranging from making seed bombs to reducing food waste and building furniture, were a great success, with 275 people participating throughout the day. In addition, at the Sant Cugat and Sant Feliu de Buixalleu plants, we received 60 young students from the Training and Insertion Programs of the Èxit Foundation to inspire them in their studies and professional careers.  

Our subsidiaries in the United States, Chile, Germany, Peru, Portugal, Mexico and Costa Rica also showed their commitment to social justice, leaving a positive footprint with a total of 22 activities. 

In Chile, our team remodeled the El Trébol Rehabilitation Center, providing support to girls and adolescents in drug rehabilitation. In the United States, we collaborated with Save the Bay to combat invasive species and understand the impact of climate change in San Francisco Bay. In Germany, we assemble mechanical prosthetic hands to send to people in developing countries. 

In Peru, we transformed an elementary school in an underprivileged area, while in Portugal, we mobilized in various activities, including preparing meals for the homeless and collaborating with organizations such as the Food Bank, Aldeias SOS, the Red Cross and Lar João de Almada. 

In Mexico, we promoted ten initiatives, including accompanying 15 families from the Doctor Sonrisas Foundation to a recreational center, and we delivered 200 food boxes outside the Hospital Infantil del Niño Poblano for people in vulnerable situations. In Costa Rica, we organized a Health Fair for people with limited resources, offering medical consultations with healthcare professionals and health talks. 

We are proud to say that more than 385 people from our subsidiaries were mobilized to participate in the Days for Good volunteer programs.  

These events demonstrate our commitment to community and our core values, making a positive difference in the world through real action. The Days for Good are a celebration of our positive impact in society. 

In Spain, volunteering by our commercial network was a success. From Tenerife to Galicia and from Palma to Madrid, the team participated in more than 20 activities. In collaboration with foundations such as Cáritas, Fundació Èxit or the Torrecárdenas Hospital, we have managed to make our positive impact go even further. 

In the various centers in Catalonia, we carried out a campaign to collect food and hygiene products, and we obtained more than 50 liters of donated blood thanks to Ferrer volunteers. In addition, Ferrer continued its collaborative projects with its foundations, Ferrer for Food and Green for Good, which involved workers in food collection, meal preparation and the creation of urban gardens. 

In total, more than 1,200 Ferrer volunteers joined in these activities, representing an impressive 66% of the company's employees. This commitment generated around 2,500 volunteer hours worldwide. 

The 'Days for Good' are not only an opportunity to do good, but also to reinforce Ferrer's commitment to social justice and its activist culture. Employees were able to choose from a wide variety of activities tailored to their interests and skills, demonstrating once again that Ferrer is committed to positive change in society. 

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