Mantenemos un firme compromiso con la sostenibilidad y la economía circular

We are strongly committed to sustainability and we are adopting measures to promote the circular economy

At Ferrer, we aim to contribute to the transformation of our environment and our planet. For this reason, we continually work to generate a positive impact on everyone in the company, on society as a whole and on the environment, for which we humans depend for our survival.

As such, at Ferrer we are committed to transitioning from a production model to a model based on the circular economy. We are currently in the phase of establishing a starting point to integrate a circularity strategy in all areas, both internal and external, promoting a sustainable business model, based on proximity and enhancing the rational use of natural resources.

It should be noted that currently the expired drug packaging waste generated in our production centres is sent to a specialized waste management service, capable of segregating all the components and recovering all waste, such as, for example, the recovery of aluminium from the blister pack, which is then reintroduced into the value chain for other productive uses, thus contributing to generate circular processes in the metallurgical industry.

Thanks to this and other measures implemented, in collaboration with waste managers, we have achieved a waste recovery rate of 82%, much higher than that of other companies in the sector.

Another strategy that Ferrer is developing in order to contribute to a more circular economy is ecodesign. In recent years we have carried out several ecodesign projects for different products, like the redesign of the Gelocatil and the Repavar family packagings, with significant economic and environmental savings being made .

In the coming years, we will carry out a number of additional initiatives along these lines:

  • Ecodesigning and optimizing pharmaceutical packaging formats to reduce the carbon footprint associated with secondary and tertiary packaging.

  • Ecodesigning the picking boxes, focussing on an analysis of the current picking system in the Sant Feliu de Buixalleu distribution centre, to optimize resource consumption and reduce its environmental impact.

  • Reusing in the chemical plant. The project aims to study the possible ways of reducing the consumption or reusing packaging at the Sant Cugat del Vallès chemical plant.

In Ferrer, we will continue to commit ourselves to this way of understanding the world; we do not know how to do it in any other way. We will continue working so that, in the coming years, our contribution to the improvement of society and the planet is even greater.

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