More than 400 employees from Ferrer take part in a social initiative in Spain

During Ferrer Spain's III Annual Meeting, more than 400 people have participated in a social initiative in Cartaya (Huelva, Spain), collaborating in several activities aimed at promoting equal opportunities and the protection of the environment. The participants apread out among various facilities in the municipality and, together with the residents of the town, carried out tasks to improve and transform different spaces of social interest in the area, some of them very badly affected by the DANA storm in September.

Specifically, the participants collaborated in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of two schools, a soup kitchen, a center for children with special needs and an older people's association, as well as helping to build a community vegetable garden.

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Ricardo Castrillo, Ferrer's Chief Commercial Officer, explained that the activity carried out in Cartaya is part of the company's purpose of making a positive impact in society: "All of us at Ferrer believe that our company, although it is mainly known for our pharmaceutical production, must be a means to generate substantial changes, through the participation in initiatives of social and environmental impact such as this one. In fact, our entire strategy as a company focuses on the people and the development of their talent, the protection of the planet and the fight to have a fairer and more equitable society”, he stated.

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Three pillars for a positive impact

The activities were organized within the framework of the company's three strategic pillars, through which Ferrer intends to make a positive impact in society. Through the Social Justice pillar, Ferrer supports people in vulnerable situations to contribute to a fairer and more equitable society and ensure equal opportunities; through the Great People pillar, it promotes a culture focused on people, based on trust and responsibility, in which talent thrives, and, through the Liveable Planet pillar, it promotes the protection of the environment.

Making a positive impact in society as its main purpose has meant that Ferrer has allocated, in the last two years, more than 50% of its net profits to social and environmental projects. Recently, Ferrer has also entered the B Corp community, becoming the first Spanish pharmaceutical company to achieve this rigorous standard.

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